Absolute Artiste

Balancing the Vocal and Theatrical Artist

Kay Trinidad

I have known and worked under the guidance of Peg for nine years.  She was my first musical theatre and drama teacher, and therefore I’m grateful for the foundation she helped me build to launch a successful performance career.  She is a beautiful human being who is easy to talk to and genuinely concerned for the well being of others and a gifted teacher.  I am honored and grateful to have the guidance of this wonderful and amazing person.

                                          Kay Trinidad - Broadway, “Little Mermaid” Off Broadway, “Bare; A Pop Opera” National Tour, “Seussical”

Jodi Kuhlmann

Peg Waldschmidt has had an incredible influence on my life as a mentor, teacher, and motivator.  She knows how to pull the diamonds out of an artist; I have seen her do it with others and experienced it myself.  Peg holds the bar high, and expects artists to come up to a caliber that usually would seem unattainable.  Her work ethic is contagious, her friendship is life long and her heart for the artist to conquer is colossal!

Jodi Kuhlmann - National Tour, “Urban Cowboy” and “Annie Get Your Gun”

Travis Waldschmidt

When it comes to voice and my career, Peg has been my secret weapon.  Yes, she is my mother but her vision of creating  well rounded mature artists has been the foundation of my career.  She gave me the skills I needed to work in this crazy industry.  Studying with Peg changed my approach to singing and has given me the technique needed to make my voice flexible and strong.  She changed my life and her wisdom continues to influence me, on and off-stage.  Thanks Mom!


 Travis Waldschmidt -  Broadway, "Matilda," "Wicked,"  National Tour, "9 to 5", “High School Musical” and “HSM2” International Tour, “West Side Story," and Feature Film, "Frances Ha"



Peg is a teacher who knows how to get you where your going.  With her vast knowledge of the Musical Theatre world and great vocal techniques, she stands apart as a great coach.  I highly recommend her!

Michael Maresca - National Tour, “Saturday Night Fever” and “Mama Mia”

Mrs. W’s dedication to her students is unmatched and her passion for the arts is contagious.  She strives to make her students reach their intellectual and artistic potential.  Mrs. W is a Rare Bird: She takes her students to new heights, in short, go with Peg.

Adam Amdur - John Paul II 2007 / University of Pennsylvania 2011

Peg Waldschmidt is everything an aspiring artist could ask for in a teacher.  She has the perfect combination of knowledge and passion that makes working with her enjoyable, but at the same time extremely beneficial.  I have worked with Peg for the past three and a half years and I am certain that my development not only as an artist, but a s a person, is directly attributed to her instruction.

John Paul Lewis  - Lewisville High School 2008 / Collin College

As a former theatre teacher myself, I know and understand what it takes to create a well-rounded performer who is considered a triple threat.  I have found that in Peg.  I have entrusted my son to her for six years now and will continue to do so.  She embodies all, that those of us in the theatre world look for, to continue our craft and teach it to our young.  I am proud to have my child learning from such a gifted person as Peg.

Kim Stidham, parent to Ben Stidham - John Paul II student

Peggy is an extremely talented singer, dancer and actress.  I first experienced her talents when she taught for me in Dallas.  She truly inspires her students through her experience, enthusiasm and organization.  The children loved to perform for her.  Peggy is a true teacher and an example for all of her students.

Carol Arritola - President / St. Monica’s School

I was fortunate to see, first hand, Peg share her passion and dedication with her students.  She not only inspired them as Thespians but helped teach them valuable traits like ownership and responsibility, which will help them as they progress in to new aspects of their life and craft.

Kathy Conklin - Jasper HS Teacher

Peggy Waldschmidt is the real deal.  She is very talented at singing, acting, and dancing.  Her experience and expertise has allowed her to do so much in her musical career.  Not only is she an inspiration to all her students, but she is the most motivating woman to be taught by.  She is an excellent teacher and has a way of explaining things so that everyone can understand and grow and improve.  If you really wanna be the best and take your talents to the next level, this is the lady that will get you there.

Brooke Axelson - Lewisville HS 2003